Strut Out in Confidence This New Year’s with These Pieces of Jewelry

New year’s is perhaps the biggest party of the year for most people. It marks the peak of the holiday season. Such is the enthusiasm among the people regarding the new year’s that they usually have their plans in place, weeks or even months in advance. While some people love to spend this day with their family, others plan a holiday. However, when it comes to the new year’s eve, most people want a memorable party to ring in the new year. It is usually a glitzy event with everyone wearing girls wearing sterling silver charms making a style statement. This is one occasion when it is essential to have a glamorous look, and when it comes to glam, there is nothing better than jewelry. So, let us find out how you can turn on the heat this new year’s by standing out with your fashion game –

Layer it Up Sterling Silver Fashion Jewelry

The fashionistas around the globe have taken layering to a whole new level in 2018. It is no longer restricted to just necklaces.  Celebrities have been spotted not only layering necklaces but also arm candies and much more. When it comes to layering, the more the merrier is the mantra. Mixing different types of styles, sizes and make is the name of the game. You can mix something subtle like a sterling silver chain or a sterling silver necklace with something more extravagant like chunky boho designs can really enhance the layered look.

Color Blocking

New year’s is the time to really let your imaginations fly. You can try different styles and sport exuberant colors that can add a unique touch to your overall look. For this purpose, color blocking is an excellent tool. When accessorizing the pairing of several types of hues can also give you the freedom to showcase your jewelry collection like nothing else. One accessory that can really be leveraged to add bling to your attire is a stylish and sleek waistband. This jewelry may not grab all the eyeballs, but it can certainly add a lot of elegance particularly against the dark colours. You can further your look by complementing them with sterling silver earrings or any other small subtle pieces of jewelry. This has proved to be a go-to-fashion-tip for many in the last one year or so.

Statement Sterling Silver Rings

There are many people out there who are not particularly fond of jewelries or are not very comfortable carrying chunky jewelries. These are the people who are constantly looking for light and comfortable pieces of jewelries. For them, a statement ring can really make the statement. Be it when sporting a full-sleeve top or a sleeveless top, a bright pearl studded ring or a stone ring can really add finesse to your new year’s look. Another excellent jewelry alternative for people whose primary concern is comfort is sterling silver jewelry. These are stylish, light and very easy to wear. The added benefit is that they are readily available and has numerous designs and styles fit for everyone. You can find hundreds of designs for sterling silver jewellery online.

So use these jewellery tips and start prepping for the party of the year now!

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