How Necklace can Add to the Stylish Look

Historically, necklaces have proved to be one of the most popular accessories for women. This is because it has the capacity to improve the look of almost any attire. The versatility and the finesse offered by a stylish necklace is incomparable to some of the other accessories. No matter which era we are in, a stunning necklace will always grab attention irrespective of the occasion or the trends in fashion. However, many people miss out on the style benefits of necklaces because they are not aware of the various ways to style it. Here you will find different ways to layer necklaces to get a new look every day with sterling silver jewelry online!

Mix and Match Sterling Silver Jewelry

Mixing and matching is often considered to be the go-to option for many fashionistas across the globe. This fashion fundamental holds true not only for the attires but also is a great option when dealing with jewelry and accessories. Juxtaposing modern accessories like sterling silver necklaces in contemporary shapes with classy pearl necklaces can create a unique look which can complement any attire and even accentuate it. When mixing different types of necklaces, it is best to consider other aspects of differences like textures and weight. The options are many, and you can choose between beads, rolo, cable, wheat, Venetian and more. If you want something subtle and yet attention-grabbing, then you can also throw in a sterling silver chain among them.

Combine Long and Short Sterling Silver Necklace

This is also an extension of mix and match. Here you will not only be mixing different materials and designs, but you will also be mixing necklaces of different lengths, The reason why this is a good style advice is that multiple necklaces, each of different lengths have the tendency to create a cascading effect, which means that each of your lovely jewelry will stand out and create a look which will have all the best of its attributes. In case you are planning to go for a special occasion then you can add stylish sterling silver pendants or even sterling silver charms to some of the necklaces. Mixing chains of different lengths do not necessarily mean that you will have to buy a collection of chains of different lengths. You can use chain extenders.

Number of Necklaces for Woman

Sterling Silver Necklace with Charms

One of the most common questions among people related to mixing many necklaces when styling their look is with charms. Sterling silver necklace with charms are much into the trends for all the ladies out there for an elegant and sober look. The fashionistas across the globe believe that there is no thumb rule in relation to how many necklaces you should wear in particular. However, the common belief is that no matter how many necklaces you wear, it is better to keep the number to an odd one. It could be three, five or even seven depending on the occasion and the attire. When deciding on the number you need to keep in mind the shapes, chain lengths and styles of the necklaces that you are wearing.

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