Diwali and Dusshera – An auspicious Festival

India is a country with colourful, varied, lively festivals and rich cultural heritage. Some festivals have their origin from the historical times of the gods and goddesses. In India every season has a festival associated for celebration. Dusshera is on one such festival celebrated with great splendour and show in the country.
Dusshera is celebrated as the most important festival in the country. It marks the victory of good over the bad. People celebrate it with high energy and enthusiasm. Hindus observe this festival by offering prayers and food to the gods in the temple or at home. There are large fairs organised with parades of dummies of Ravana – A mythical emperor of ancient Sri Lanka.


  • Durga Puja in West Bengal

    Durga Puja is celebrated in the Hindu month Ashwin i.e., September – October, every year. It celebrates Prince Rama’s solicitation to the goddess before the battle with the demon Ravana. It is a grand and most extensively celebrated festival of West Bengal. The celebrations continue for five days. The entire city is lit up during the festival, popular songs play on loudspeakers, the priest recites mantras, pandals are set up in the town, and the roads become overcrowded with devotees creating a chaotic condition in the city. The festival has turned out to be a social carnival.
    Some families celebrate Durga Puja at their homes where they dedicate an area to place where the goddess is kept and decorate her with fabrics and ornaments. The beautiful sterling silver women jewellery enhance the elegance of the females.


  • The Major Investments

    The market is brimming with various activities during the season of Dusshera. People believe Dusshera is the right time to make a new investment. Companies come up with different offers and sales. The realty market has many attractive offers for people. This day is considered to be an auspicious day to start any new project. Owning a new property like purchasing land, gold or vehicle on Dusshera is deemed to be very lucky.


  • Different traditional dresses worn on this day:

    Be it any festival in India, ornamentation, and clothing is an essential part of the celebration. In many places wearing new clothes on the day of Dusshera is a compulsion. People wear ethnic clothes such as lehnga choli, salwar kameez, sarees, sherwanis, etc. The women purchase sterling silver jewellery online, gold ornaments, etc. to beautify their outfit.
    Every state has their traditional attire for women and men to wear during festivals. People flaunt themselves in the traditional dress along with dazzling ornaments and accessories.

  • Bengalis wear silk saree typically draped in Bengali style.
  • Maharashtrian women wear their Nau Vadi or the nine-yard saree. Men wear dhoti and a pheta.
  • Gujarati females wear patolas and Bandhanis. The young girls wear beautifully dazzled Chanya cholis with ornaments such as danglers’ online India.
  • Punjabi’s wear kurti’s with long slits worn with salwar or patlia. South Indian women wear Kanchipuram silk sarees.
  • Festivals are an excellent time for gatherings, celebrations and shopping for clothes, ornaments and many other things.

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