5 gifting ideas on Linking Charms

Someone has rightly said, ‘ The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.’ Linking Charms is THE place for such a gift. We have various options which can be customized to suit any person and his passion.


Here are 5 gifting ideas curated for you to make a good gift and also suit your pocket:


  1. Only bracelet or necklace:


Our sterling silver bracelet, necklace or the leather bracelet is designed with finesse and detailing. Only the bracelet or necklace makes a great gift. One can always keep buying the charms whenever they like any charm or feeling like adding a few to they collection.

2. The keep it simple option


This is the best gift option this Raksha Bandhan. Use our leather bracelet with a single charm as a Rakhi to your brother; create one in Sterling silver bracelet or necklace for you sister or bhabhi. Trust us they will love this idea and it will be cherished for a lifetime.

3. Rose gold is never pass

Our rose gold collection is our favourite too! You just cannot go wrong with this option. Any woman loves it, irrespective of age. The charms look so beautiful that you will want to buy all of them.

4. Create your charms collection

When you know the one whom you are gifting already has the bracelet or necklace, gift them only charms. We have countless options to select from.

h5. More the merrier

Create a wholesome bracelet with 8-10 charms for your dearest one. Select charms that go with their personality. This makes a well-thought gift for some one who means not less than the world to you.


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