Now here is an option to customize your own bracelets as per your liking. In fact we know it’s the season to keep it minimal sometimes so you may team with your sterling silver bracelet or sterling silver necklace with our huge range of sterling silver charms. We have charms for all occasions.

We have teamed up a few seasons special ones below especially for you.

Pretty & Bright:

RED RADIANCE:  This 925 sterling silver charm, marquise petalled Red Radiance, is perfect to brighten up your gloomy sunny day with a big splash of sparkle. A combination of colour and texture enables you to take a fresh approach to summer styling.

ROYAL BLUE RADIANCE: Rock glitz and glam with this sapphire coloured charm. Perfect to brighten up any design with a big splash of sparkle.

PURPLE BUTTERFLY: This purple enamel clad fine butterfly design represents your love for nature. The designs bring our designer accents in your bracelet

Shimmer Shimmer:

BLOOMING HEART: Absolutely stunning! This plum heart gives off a gorgeous vintage look.

BUBBLES SPRINKLE:  This silver magnificent and romantic piece is absolutely stunning. Whether you are purchasing this sterling silver jewellery design for yourself or for a loved one, it will become a treasured piece for any woman. This charms set gives off such a gorgeous bubbly look.

DAZZLING HEART: Celebrate an everlasting love that shines as brightly as diamond. This stunning sterling silver heart charm featuring zircons in the shape of a heart makes a perfect gift.

Rose gold collection:

SHINY FLOWER ROSE: Embellished with CZ set with bold metallic look pattern, with its tender pink shade and superb craftsmanship. It’s a highly artistic and decorative piece.

PETALS OF LOVE ROSE: This gorgeous 925 sterling silver rose gold plated charm is so pretty you cannot resist a second look. It will lend a feminine detail to your collection of charm bracelets and sterling silver necklaces.

SPRINKLE SPARKLE: This filigree charm is embellished with CZ set in  a striking sunburst pattern, with its tender pink shade and superb craftsmanship it is a must have in the rose cold collection.

These are just a handful recommendations we have curated to you. You can view our entire collection here . Use them single or in numbers of 2, 3 or four, more the merrier, they will give you a new look always.

This was a sneak peak into our humongous collection of charms and bracelets that we have on our website Make a come back to this blog to see more of us and the best you can do to make your collection out-standing from the may costume jewellery and other options available in the market.


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