Valentine Special Sterling Silver Charm
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History & Importance of Valentine week & celebrate each day with special charm

Valentine’s Day festival originated in Romania in the year 496, and it is considered to be an ancient tradition to celebrate love. The Romans termed this festival as “Lupercalia” which was celebrated from 13th February to 15th February every year. However, there are different days to celebrate this special day. And, this day beholds various stories from Shakespeare as well. In this hustling life, it is difficult to express love to family and friends. However, the misconception is to express love only to your better half. Exchange of gifts and roses are sure to happen on this big day. Also, the gifting businesses take a hike while these two days are around the corner.

Have you decided to gift anything to your better half? If not, why wait? With the advanced technology, you would have millions of options right in front of you.

Hug her after gifting sterling silver charms

Is she matured yet cute? If that is the case, we have a massive list of charms in our catalog. You can choose to buy emoji charms which are funky or the heart-shaped sterling silver charms which are simple yet elegant. Do you want to propose to her? Say nothing with our “Together Forever” charms in the list. The emotions with which our designer have crafted these jewels is incredible.

Kiss her With Sterling Silver Chains

Do you think charms would look very plain? Keep your bothers aside and browse through the various sterling silver chains. Why should you opt for sterling silver? It is because sterling silver is authentic and beholds the quality of the real silver metal. When in the making, 50% of the silver metal is ensured to be used for making it allergy free. Apart from the mixing, the polishes are done with keen observance for it to not fade away. And, make sure to add multiple charms from our list in the chain because it is sure to bring a broad smile on her face. Wouldn’t you want to see a glimmering smile on her face?

Sterling Silver Earrings for Valentine’s Day

There could be high chances that one loves to adorn earrings and not keep their earlobes plain. For girls like that, we also have sterling silver earrings and dangling earrings. The designs are delicate enough to suit a girl of any age. We are sure you won’t log out without adding anything to the cart. Are you in a long-distance relationship? We are sure you are missing her in your arms on this big day. Why worry when you have an updated technology? Simply make an account and get going. Add her choice to the basket and we will deliver it to her doorsteps. A correct address and landmark is all you need.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Amazing Gift Ideas you can give on Valentine’s Day

Sterling silver Pendant or danglers online India

Just a couple of days are left for Valentine’s Day. And, we are sure that you are juggling around to purchase one beautiful gift for your lady love. It looks like you have a list of options available in your cart. Fragrances to dresses, pendants to necklaces, cosmetics to handbags, rings to earrings, decor items to a wristwatch, and probably a couple of more options. Rather than being puzzled, it would be the best option if you choose to present a dress along with a pair of sterling silver jewelry. All you got to take care of is to check if the jewelry is well-accompanied with the dress. We are sure to help you with jewelry options and here is our extended help.

Buy Heart Shape Sterling Silver Charms

The first question that would pop your mind is what are charms. For those who are not aware, they are a smaller version of pendants which could have multiple uses. The generic one is to adorn it where ever you feel. And the other one is you can use these charms in bracelets and sterling silver chains. Oh yes, she can also use them as a broach if you are buying a plain dress for her. Charm bracelets for girls are the cutest option if you want to present an adorable little nephew.

Sterling Silver Bracelets for Women Turn to Be an Elegant Gift

Irrespective of a lady being inclined to fashion or not, bracelets are loved by everyone. It is not necessary for the bracelets to be worn only during the festive season. One can adorn it even daily while going to the office. Also, we have ensured that our collection is sober and elegant for daily wear. So, you don’t have to worry about their looking tacky with any outfit. The only thing you need to be concerned about is her choice because she is your Valentine.

Heart Shape Sterling Silver Earrings Are Definitely One Option

Why earrings? Because they look perfect with any outfit. We are not just into danglers but also stud earrings. Our earrings are studded with diamond stones to give it an elegant look. However, if you are planning to buy it for your Valentine, opt for the heart-shaped Sterling Silver earrings from our catalog. We are sure that she would be surprised by the gift you present. On our catalog, you would find earrings of different shapes and sizes which would include stars, bows, flowers, and hearts. We also have other asymmetrical and symmetrical shapes on the list if you do not want to be cheesy with love. Presenting her a gift of her choice is more important than being cheesy.

Sneak Peek to Sterling Silver Jewelry

Since ornaments are the best friends of every lady, they have to be perfect. Keeping all the ladies in mind, we have designed every piece with intricacy. However, for those who are hesitant to buy sterling silver jewelry, let us tell you that it is safe to buy. Moreover, they fit in your pocket size and are non-allergic to skin.

So, why wait to buy the best piece?

Sterling Silver Charms and Sterling Silver jewelry
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Make Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet Your Multi-Purpose Wear

Make the most of Sterling Silver Necklaces

Draft an amazing personality with the most prominent feature of your body. Oh yes, we are talking about nothing else but your neckline. Irrespective of how your body shape is, the first thing a person would observe is your neckline. So, why not highlight it with the best choker or necklace? There might be numerous options made available to you. But none would beat the sterling silver necklaces. It is because they are made with 50% pure silver for the best of designs. Be like a show-stopper even in your daily routine. Why look any less?

Add the best of Sterling Silver Pendants in Your Chain

Ample ladies love to adorn their neckline with a single chain. For a change, it is good to try adding a pendant to your sterling silver chains. A plain top with a long chain and a small pendant is perfect coordination for a party as well as your office. It will surely not look tacky. And, for those who don’t like wearing much jewelry on a daily basis, we have charm bracelets for them.

Charm Bracelets with Plain Tops

Haven’t you seen a lot of ladies wearing plain tops very often? It could have minimalistic embroidery. Sterling silver charm bracelets would be the best accompaniment with this kind of tops on a daily basis. We have a massive list of sterling silver charms which includes emojis, and various colourful shapes.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Right At Your Doorsteps

Isn’t it boring to step out of your house to buy one gift? For shopaholics, it is definitely not a big deal. Most of them would end up buying ten different things. However, if you want to buy a gift or a pair of Sterling Silver earrings online on an urgent basis; you can opt for Linking Charms anytime. We do have an option to deliver the products in a time of 24-hours. Oh wow, that is fantastic! You would save on your time as well as get a showroom to feel right on your screen.

Make Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet Your Multi-Purpose Wear

In this wedding season, don’t struggle for choosing the best of accompaniments with any outfit. Things with sterling silver jewelry has made the life of ladies very simple. It’s because even if you buy the simplest form of jewelry, it will pair-up well enough even with the heavy outfits of yours. Simplicity is too much in the trend now. Did you try your Anarkali suit with our sterling silver charm bracelet? If not, you should do it right away. We have also added stoppers to our catalogue by which you won’t need to stack multiple bracelets. They are polished with 925 Silver polish. Ideally, it is more than the purity. And, nowadays, minimalistic looks elegant.

Why wait to catch hold of attraction?

Sterling silver jewelry online
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Buy sterling silver jewelry & look glamorous on any function

Getting the glam look for an event is what we all want at the moment. Every girl is looking for an additional accessory that can make her stand out in the crowd. It is a fact, and the good thing is that we have a variety of options today that can help us in achieving the objective. Look for options like sterling silver jewelry online, and you will realize that it is one of the most economical ways in which you can get the glam look for any function you are planning to be a part of.

Silver linings are trending, and every online store will offer you options like sterling silver charms that can help you look unique. There are options like oversized rings even that can help you make a pretty big statement even when the focus is not on your hands. Silver linings can help you make an impact even when you are not making a conscious effort to attract the attention of people at an event. Silver Linings for girls is what PUBG is for boys; they are inseparable. So, think about the good you can gain out of it in the process and embrace options like sterling silver jewelry. Buy sterling silver jewelry online and make it easy for you to shine like a star at any event. 

Sterling silver jewelry online

Sterling silver jewelry is the secret to the pro-budget glam look

Interestingly, girls are lucky enough to have a variety of options that can be used in the short run for a quick impact. For example, there are charm bracelets for girls that are available at a reasonable price. Investing in such bracelets will help in creating a strong impact on one’s look and, at the same time, it will not hurt one’s pocket. Yet another point to be kept in mind is that accessories like bracelets can be purchased in multiples to suit the type of clothing that is selected for a particular event. Nowadays, it is considered to be a necessity for girls to have a number of accessories with them that can match their favorite dresses. So, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that some girls have more than one jewelry box they carry with them when they travel to a new place.

Lastly, we would like to talk about necklaces. When we talk about necklaces, we often think about the cost that is involved in this investment. However, we do not realize the fact that there are affordable necklaces available such as a sterling silver necklace that looks adorably beautiful and the investment required for this accessory is not significantly high. So, have a look at sterling silver jewelry onlineand treat yourself with something that can change the entire look for the next event you are planning to be a part of.

Sterling Silver Jewelry for Wedding
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Celebrate the Wedding Season with Sterling Silver Jewelry

A moment of delight surpasses our heart when a wedding in the family is announced. All the ladies out there want to look the prettiest from head to toe. But, we can’t wait to see the lady of the day – Bride. We would raise our toes to watch her enter amidst the crowd. And you never know, you also turn out to be one of the centers of attractions. Ample ladies carry a magnetic aura along with themselves. But, hey, are you bored of adorning those heavy pieces of ornaments? Or, have you been attending a lot of weddings off lately? In that case, sterling silver necklaces are right here for you. Oh yes, you would find a variation in it even if it is sterling silver. A little glittery dress with a simple necklace would be the best accompaniment. However, your neckline pattern matters a lot in this case. If you have designed a collared neck, a chain or necklace won’t be an ideal option for you.

Sterling Silver Bangles for Closed Necklines

Collared necklines are much in the trends nowadays. During the day time, the shade of your collar adds a shine to your face. If not necklaces, you can surely opt for bangles even if your dress if full-sleeved. Irrespective of the length of the sleeve, your sterling silver bangles would be visible. Just ensure to pick up a dress with plain sleeves so that the bangles you buy can add glamour to your attire.

For those with a question of an alternative option to bangles, there are charm bracelets that would suit your wrist for sure.

In case you are attending a friends’ wedding and you don’t want to be standing out in the crowd, charm bracelets for girls are the best option. We also have emoji charms for the young girls. These include many of the whatsapp emojis, and they are adorable. However, if your choice is benevolent, we have a variation for you. All you would have to do is to browse through our catalog available on the online platform.

Modesty with Sterling Silver Earrings

Most of the girls nowadays prefer to wear earrings. It depends from lady to lady upon the choice of earrings they want to adorn. If you don’t want the polish to fade out, sterling silver earrings are the best option you could ever think to buy. They are comparatively pocket-friendly concerning to the real silver metal. You will not have to worry about your skin allergies because it is 50% pure metal mixed with other elements. Anyone from the age of 5 to 60 or more can wear this kind of jewelry pieces for the best wedding functions, and it is sure to cause no harm.

What are you waiting for? Buy the best of sterling silver jewelry in just a couple of clicks from Linking Charms

Confess Love with Sterling Silver Jewelry
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Confess Your Love with Sterling Silver Jewelry

The Valentine month is here! Celebrate love in different ways this month. Love yourself, spread love, and confess your love before it is too late. Are you looking forward to proposing your lady love? Let your speak louder than words with sterling silver jewelry. Possibly, it could be an impromptu proposal. Various stories can be built around, but it is essential to propose with the right thing. Going down on your knees with a finger ring is too cliched. Why not be different?

Make Your Proposal Different with Silver Charms Bracelet

Instead of a finger ring, you can opt for a different ornament. One needs to ensure that it is cute and not very professional. Charms look cute, but a bracelet best accompanies them. Linking Charms constitutes both in their catalog listing. Sterling silver bracelets for women are the best to be tangled with love charms.

Try Your Hands on Sterling Silver Chains

Is your girl inclined to wear chains? Gift her the most memorable piece of her life on Valentines’ day to wear on a regular basis. How about gifting her a sterling silver chain by adding danglers into it? Oh yes, it does sound quite interesting. Go ahead and browse through Linking Charms website for various options with regards to the chain and danglers. You can also accompany them with emoji charms. These charms include multiple emojis of your WhatsApp. This kind of an idea seems to be pretty cool. But, again, it all depends on the receiver. She should have an enthralling expression on her face.

Sterling Silver Earrings for a Working Lady

Is your lady love fond of changing her pair of earrings every single day? Or, is she fanatic when it is to choose earrings? Linking Charms has got a set of stud earrings for ladies like her.  This Valentine’s don’t hunt for the gifts here and there in the shops. Rather you can browse through our catalog and get it delivered at your doorsteps with no delivery charges applicable. These Sterling silver earrings are available in various polishes, and we are yet updating our inventory for the same.

Why Worry When You Have Sterling Silver Jewelry?

If you are looking for an authentic pair of jewelry, Linking Charms is an apt platform to browse through. With regards to the quality, you do not have to worry because the rates of sterling silver do not change with the changing price of real silver and gold metal. What about the allergies? Anyone and everyone are free from allergies if you adorn a couple of sterling silver jewelry. Sterling Silver is nothing less than the real silver metal. It is simply a mixture of 2 elements to provide you with a better quality of jewelry. 50% of the metal is silver while mixing it with other elements.

Also, you would find more designs and options when it comes to sterling silver jewelry online. For regular wear, we would evidently choose sterling silver jewelry and added to the class.
How about you?

sterling silver charms for New year
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Strut Out in Confidence This New Year’s with These Pieces of Jewelry

New year’s is perhaps the biggest party of the year for most people. It marks the peak of the holiday season. Such is the enthusiasm among the people regarding the new year’s that they usually have their plans in place, weeks or even months in advance. While some people love to spend this day with their family, others plan a holiday. However, when it comes to the new year’s eve, most people want a memorable party to ring in the new year. It is usually a glitzy event with everyone wearing girls wearing sterling silver charms making a style statement. This is one occasion when it is essential to have a glamorous look, and when it comes to glam, there is nothing better than jewelry. So, let us find out how you can turn on the heat this new year’s by standing out with your fashion game –

Layer it Up Sterling Silver Fashion Jewelry

The fashionistas around the globe have taken layering to a whole new level in 2018. It is no longer restricted to just necklaces.  Celebrities have been spotted not only layering necklaces but also arm candies and much more. When it comes to layering, the more the merrier is the mantra. Mixing different types of styles, sizes and make is the name of the game. You can mix something subtle like a sterling silver chain or a sterling silver necklace with something more extravagant like chunky boho designs can really enhance the layered look.

Color Blocking

New year’s is the time to really let your imaginations fly. You can try different styles and sport exuberant colors that can add a unique touch to your overall look. For this purpose, color blocking is an excellent tool. When accessorizing the pairing of several types of hues can also give you the freedom to showcase your jewelry collection like nothing else. One accessory that can really be leveraged to add bling to your attire is a stylish and sleek waistband. This jewelry may not grab all the eyeballs, but it can certainly add a lot of elegance particularly against the dark colours. You can further your look by complementing them with sterling silver earrings or any other small subtle pieces of jewelry. This has proved to be a go-to-fashion-tip for many in the last one year or so.

Statement Sterling Silver Rings

There are many people out there who are not particularly fond of jewelries or are not very comfortable carrying chunky jewelries. These are the people who are constantly looking for light and comfortable pieces of jewelries. For them, a statement ring can really make the statement. Be it when sporting a full-sleeve top or a sleeveless top, a bright pearl studded ring or a stone ring can really add finesse to your new year’s look. Another excellent jewelry alternative for people whose primary concern is comfort is sterling silver jewelry. These are stylish, light and very easy to wear. The added benefit is that they are readily available and has numerous designs and styles fit for everyone. You can find hundreds of designs for sterling silver jewellery online.

So use these jewellery tips and start prepping for the party of the year now!