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Best Fashion Tips for this Navratri Season

It is once again that time of the year when widespread celebrations across the length and the breadth of the country will commence. Perhaps the longest festival in India, the Navratri, is one of the primary reasons for joy for many in the country. This festival is typically celebrated with a lot of pomp and glory, and many believe it to be one of the most glamorous events of the year. It is also the time to put you’re a game on in the fashion front. So let us take a quick look at how you can stand out from the rest of the crowd with your stellar fashion this Navratri season.

Men’s Navratri Fashion Tips

Men no longer need to be restricted to just a few options like sherwanis and kurtas. If one intends to stand out from the crowd, then it is best not to be afraid of experimenting. Even the simplest of looks can be made attractive and unique by donning a bandgala shirt length jacket. Team it up with a colourful and vibrant velvet lining, and you surely have a winner. However, it is essential to add a bling factor to your look, especially during the Navratri season. For this purpose, sterling silver charms can prove to be mighty effective. Putting on a long necklace over the bandgala can give a regal touch to the entire look. Strut out with confidence and be the centre of attention this dandiya season.

Women’s Navratri Fashion Tips

Gone are the days when women used to stick to the traditional ghagra choli or the chaniya choli during the festive season and particularly during the Navratri. Nowadays, an increasing number of women are experimenting with different types of designs and fabrics. The latest traditional attire in the block is the saree lehenga. These are not only incredibly gorgeous, but they are also at the same time very comfortable. This is particularly essential in those regions which tend to be humid. The vibrant colours that these saree lehengas are available means that they are a perfect fit for a grand occasion like Navratri. When it comes to women’s fashion these days, fusion is the name of the game. You can go ahead and give a touch of mild fusion even during the traditional festivals like Navratri. Sterling silver jewelry online can give you the perfect blend of Indian finesse and western class.

Kid’s Navratri Fashion Tips

When it comes to a festival like Navratri, the kids are the ones who are most excited about it. They look forward to the food; lights and of course the new clothes. When it comes to kids fashion one has to give paramount importance to comfort. For girls, colourful flair skirts is a good option. Team it up with embroidered bandhani dupatta and charm bracelets for girls; you have a comfortable yet gorgeous set. For boys too it is essential to keep the comfort and colour in mind. When picking kurtas, it is best to opt for darker shades..

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Best Accessories to Enhance Your Look at Different Parties

Irrespective of the occasion, most of us love every small occasion to celebrate. It is that one time we truly get away from the monotonous life and go out and enjoy. Besides, it also gives us the ideal opportunity to flaunt our style and make a statement. However, to have complete look attention to detail is critical. For a comprehensive look merely putting on the clothes is not sufficient. It is also essential that you accessories correctly to get the perfect look that you are trying to pull off. The following are some excellent accessories which will help give your overall get up the touch of perfection.

Birthday Party Accessory Options

A birthday party is a celebration where one can either choose to dress up casually or formally depending on the dress code. When going for a casual look handmade quilts and chunky belts can give a nice casual look. In case of a more formal type of a birthday party, it is a good idea to accessories with a sterling silver charm bracelet. This adds a touch of feminine energy to the overall look and hence is ideal for formal occasions.

Engagement Parties Accessory Options

An engagement party in India or abroad is an occasion when it is best to dress up gorgeously. However, many make the mistake of wearing sterling silver jewelry jewellery with gaudy dresses. There is a need to maintain a balance. Fashion experts believe that with a gorgeous dress it is best to opt for demure jewellery options. Something like a sterling silver bracelet for women is apt in this case. However, if the dress that one is wearing is slightly subtle, then attention-grabbing necklaces or long earrings are a good fit.

Cocktail Party Accessory Option

A cocktail party is usually associated with class and subtlety. In such parties, girls and ladies often dress up in a gown and classy dresses. Here as well jewellery can often make or break the look. If a lady is wearing an off-shoulder dress, then gold or silver choker is a good idea. Whereas, in case someone is wearing a dress which covers a portion of the neck charm bracelet for girls and women is suitable. Depending on the colour and design of the dress one must decide on a type of jewellery which fully accentuates the look while complementing the dress.

Live Concert Accessory Options

Live concerts are always a lot of fun where the choice of music typically dictates the accessory options. In the case of rock concerts, people generally prefer leather accessories like leather wristbands or belts with metal studs in them. If you are attending pop music or house music concert, then glow in the dark accessories are a hit. Be it bangles or hair bands; this is a fun and stylish way to enjoy some quality music. Apart from these other accessories suitable for music concerts include rings and earrings dedicated to a music genre.

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The Charm of the Timeless Silver Charms

Jewelry is one of the few accessories available which can be defined as timeless. Throughout the history of fashion, jewelry has always held a special place. They have the power to accentuate any attire or any look to such an extent that you look complete. However, different types of jewelry have different roles and impact. There are some types of jewelery which can glam up any attire and make you the center of everyone’s attention. Whereas, on the other hand, there is other jewelry which has underplays its presence and complements any look and adds a touch of class and sophistication. Interestingly, there is also a third type which is a perfect blend of the two and silver charms fall under this category.

Silver charm bracelets can exhibit elegance and poise like no other piece of jewelry. It is due to this reason many are increasingly opting for Sterling silver bracelets for women as opposed to some of the other more common accessories. These are ideal for professional getup as they supplement a variety of sober colors. However, that does not mean that it is incapable of adding anything to a glamorous look. The beauty of a jewelry piece like sterling silver charm bracelet is that it says a lot about your personality and style without it getting too loud and boisterous. The elegance is why silver charms never really go out of fashion, as true style and finesse are always in, irrespective of the era we are living. They can add an edge to your traditional looks as well as contemporary trends. Since it has an eternal touch to it, they are suitable for people of all age and skin tones. Therefore they can be bought and worn by pretty much anyone, anywhere in the world.

There are plenty of sterling silver charms designs which can grab the attention of one and all even at an exciting event like a wedding or a ball. Depending on your taste and requirements you can choose from a wide range of options today, as several highly qualified and artistic designers are continually coming up with unique offerings. Although these are new designs, the authentic charm of this jewelry is still evident in the modern productions. To put it best, they have the vintage feel and a nostalgic sense with a twist of modernity. The designs could include signs symbolic of your character or be shaped in the form of a heart sign or a flower.

Due to all its qualities silver charms are often in high-demand and they are more or less easy to obtain. However, one should be careful while purchasing this jewelry because many times buying them from a store which is not well-established could prove to be a loss as those items often lose color and do not end up looking as bright as new. Hence, you should only purchase these sterling silver jewelry items just after carefully considering all aspects of it.

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The Best Gift Options for Women This Festive Season

The festive season is upon us, and people from different parts are already getting excited. From booking holidays to planning minute details of the festivals, there is a need to carefully plan everything to ensure one has a near perfect day with the friends and family members. Another important aspect which needs to be prepared well in advance is to know what to gift to the near and dear ones. Gifts are an essential part of almost every major festival. It is an excellent way to show those people who matter the most how much they mean and how valuable they are. Hence, when picking gifts, one should carefully consider as to what they may or may not like.

Despite having the best of intentions, many men often find it extremely difficult to narrow down good gift options for women. This results in men finding generic gift options. However, to impress a woman, one needs to find something unique and stylish. Moreover, it should also be something which they like and want. Under such a situation, one of the best options is jewellery. When it comes to jewellery, women can never have enough of it. No matter how extensive collection a woman may have, if one gifts her another stunning pair of earrings or a bracelet, she would automatically be impressed. As a result, jewellery in most occasions is a safe gift option when it comes to women.

However, just because it is a well-known fact that women love pieces of jewellery, it does not mean that men can gift any jewellery and expect women to adore them. One needs to learn about the latest designs, trends, brands, etc. and pick a suitable piece of jewellery. This is where Pandora charms come in to play. This is one of the premier brands in women’s Sterling silver jewelry which is renowned for producing ample jewellery with the highest quality. Moreover, you can also count on them because they have built a reputation for themselves not overnight but over a period of 35 years. Their brand presence, attention to detail and the intricacies of their designs make them one of the favourites among women of different personalities and ages. So it is a good gift option for mothers, wives and girlfriends alike.

Once one has shortlisted the make of the jewellery which is to be gifted, then one needs to focus on the personality of the person for whom the gift is to be purchased. sterling silver jewelry online has a wide range of options which are suitable for women who like to dress up glamorous as well as for those who love the subtle touch of grace and elegance. While for those who fall under the first category, the range of glamorous necklaces is something which could be looked. Whereas, for women with a taste for subtlety sterling silver charm bracelet is worth a shot.


5 gifting ideas on Linking Charms

Someone has rightly said, ‘ The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.’ Linking Charms is THE place for such a gift. We have various options which can be customized to suit any person and his passion.


Here are 5 gifting ideas curated for you to make a good gift and also suit your pocket:


  1. Only bracelet or necklace:


Our sterling silver bracelet, necklace or the leather bracelet is designed with finesse and detailing. Only the bracelet or necklace makes a great gift. One can always keep buying the charms whenever they like any charm or feeling like adding a few to they collection.

2. The keep it simple option


This is the best gift option this Raksha Bandhan. Use our leather bracelet with a single charm as a Rakhi to your brother; create one in Sterling silver bracelet or necklace for you sister or bhabhi. Trust us they will love this idea and it will be cherished for a lifetime.

3. Rose gold is never pass

Our rose gold collection is our favourite too! You just cannot go wrong with this option. Any woman loves it, irrespective of age. The charms look so beautiful that you will want to buy all of them.

4. Create your charms collection

When you know the one whom you are gifting already has the bracelet or necklace, gift them only charms. We have countless options to select from.

h5. More the merrier

Create a wholesome bracelet with 8-10 charms for your dearest one. Select charms that go with their personality. This makes a well-thought gift for some one who means not less than the world to you.



August Awesomenes

August is the month of bonding. Friendship day, Raksha Bandhan, Teej like days, which only make you realize the importance of the relationships we have around us.  Linking Charms understands the need and the sincerity of the occasions and has curated a range of sterling silver jewellery for all occasions and relationships.


We have specially handcrafted, handpicked and thought provoking sterling silver charms, sterling silver bracelets and necklaces specially designed to match the various aspects of every individual’s life.


Charm bracelets are perfect gift ideas if you’re looking for a special way to remember unforgettable memories you’ve shared with each other. Linking Charms offers you gifting options for all. Every hobby or liking right from music, dance to shopping or coffee charms make our collection so special and apt for gifting.


This season we have kept in mind some of the important relationships that make an integral part of our lives – friends, siblings and our partners who stand by us in thick and thin. Here is a glimpse of our collection this season.




The Shimmering Rose and Pink Floral Murano Charms silver bracelet is fitted with two floral beads, a love charm decorated with pink cubic zirconia stones and two pink Murano glass charms. Find link here.

The leather bracelet with any charm is a very good option for men.


The BFF alphabets are just so perfect. Create one with initials, pet names etc.


The best friend ready to wear bracelet comes with 2 charms which when joint reads ‘Best Friends’. You can shop it here.

Explore our ready to wear collection here.


We seldom get opportunities to celebrate the relationships we have. Giving the gift of a charm bracelet is a unique way of telling them how special they are to you. A charm bracelet is truly a gift that lasts a lifetime.KNOWLEDGE ABOUT CHARMS